Yesterday, we told you that Best Buys director of merchandising, Scott Anderson, confirmed that there will be a short supply of the Pre for the first 4-8 weeks. He wasnt kidding. BGR was told that the retailer was going to have a total of 4,250 units for sale on launch day. Anderson said that 1,000 Best Buy outlets would be selling the device. If you can remember your Jr. High School math, that works out to 4.25 units per store; well, that would certainly qualify to be called a shortage. Even worse off is RadioShack, where the figures work out to about 2 phones each for 721 stores. EngadgetMobile has learned that Radio Shack reps are being encouraged to try to get potential Pre buyers to switch to the Instinct S30 as a substitute choice. And to think, the U.S. was criticized for buying Manhattan from the Indians for $24.