The webOS-based Palm Pre didnt sell a million phones in a weekend like the iPhone 3GS, but since its launch, the Pre has sold over 300,000 handsets, according to Charter Equity Research analyst Ed Snyder. A third of a million handsets is nothing to scoff at, and now that production is cranking out 15,000 units per day, sales should continue mounting as shortages are alleviated.
Even better news is that other webOS devices not bound by Sprints exclusivity agreement will ultimately be available from other carriers in the U.S., Europe, and elsewhere. Add to healthy Pre sales the fact that the App Catalog has seen over 1 million webOS downloads and its fair to say that Palm and webOS has a promising future. Sincere there are only a few dozen apps in the App Catalog at present, just imagine the downloading frenzy that will occur once the webOS SDK is officially in the hands of developers and webOS apps start appearing in droves? Its an exciting time indeed for Palm to welcome home the prodigal sons and daughters. Are you excited about the future of Palm and webOS?