There is a bit of a history between Palm and Apple and the Palm Pres use of iTunes for syncing media. Palm has been manipulating the hardware Vendor ID so that iTunes has recognized the Pre as an iPod, and iTunes responds by closing the loophole with each subsequent iTunes update. Then, Palm circumvents Apples update and the cat-and-mouse game continues. Recently, Palm approached the USB Implementers Forum to seek support in preventing Apple from restricting use of iTunes. Instead of garnering support, the USB-IF Forum is riled up. They dont see that Apple is in violation of their rules and regulations by blocking Palms use of iTunes, and they are upset by Palms position that they will use Apples Vendor ID to access iTunes they view this as a violation and expect Palm to respond with their intent within a week.
Where does Palm go from here? We should find out soon. Although use of iTunes is convenient, Palm may consider devising their own syncing method so they no longer stir up the Apple and USB-IF hornets nest.