Best Buy stores getting only 4 units each

Yesterday, we told you that Best Buys director of merchandising, Scott Anderson, confirmed that there will be a short supply of the Pre for the first 4-8 weeks. He wasnt kidding. BGR was told that the retailer was going to have a total of 4,250 units for sale on launch day. Anderson said that 1,000 […]

Best Buy plans on using a ticketing process for the Pre

BGR was able to grab the retailers director of merchandising, Scott Anderson, and ask him some questions about the upcoming launch of the Pre. Anderson admitted that the device could be in short supply for the first 4-8 weeks following the June 6th release. To deal with the expected crowds and lines, Best Buy plans […]

Palm Pre to cost $549.99 without a contract

The news is out that the Pre will be running $199.99 after mail-in-rebates with a two year contract. For those that do not want to commit to a contract, you can purchase the device for a mere $549.99. It might be a worthy investment for those who dont like the idea of being tethered to […]

Palm Pre comes on June 6 for $199.99

Well, it has finally happened – Sprint has put an end to all speculations and rumors by officially announcing that the Palm Pre will be available on June 6 (Saturday). The Pre will set you back $199.99 with a two-year service agreement and after a $100 mail-in rebate, but in return, you will get the […]

N.Y. Times: Palm Pre will be released first week in June

The New York Times weighed in on the new national pastime of guessing the release date of the Palm Pre. In an article published on Monday, the Times wrote about the upcoming summer season of blockbuster smartphone releases and said that people who have been briefed on Sprints plans have been told by the carrier […]

More Palm Pre live photos and an unboxing video posted

Some more spicy live images with the Palm Pre have hit the web. Looks like this time we have a free-minded individual that has decided to share some photos of him and the Pre. Apparently, his face has been hidden by Engadget, in a desperate attempt to save him from losing his job. While imaging […]

Palm Eos ticketed for Sprint?

It was just Friday when we told you to say Hello to the Palm Eos. Engadget had reported that the device, a successor to the Palm Centro smartphone, would be running on the same webOS software that will be the brains of the Palm Pre. The spec list given to Engadgets source says Contact sync […]

Say Hello! to the Palm Eos

According to Engadget, the webOS-powered successor of the Centro will be called the Palm Eos and the cool thing is that we have a lot of information regarding the hardware characteristics of the device. As it was said earlier, the new handset will be quite thinner than its big brother, thePre, measuring at just 10.6 […]

Sprint employees now taking lessons on the Pre?

Wondering how far the mighty Palm Pre is? Here’s a note suggesting that the waiting may be almost over. preThinking informs that Sprint has answered on whether its employees have already began taking classes on the Pre. The purpose of the training, of course, is to make employees capable of serving customers better, regarding Palm’s […]

Palm widens access to webOS developers program

During his keynote speech at the Web 2.0. Expo in San Fransisco, Palms Sr. VP of Application Software and Services, Michael Abbott, announced that the manufacturer is exapanding the number of third party developers with access to the Palm Mojo SDK. While the software writers kit was originally given out to a small, select group […]